Meet the Wondermommy

Roselyn and her son Grayson at 3.5-weeks postpartum.

Roselyn and her son Grayson at 3.5-weeks postpartum.

Ah...the millennial mom. Such a different breed from those model examples we've became familiar with for generations upon generations, prior to. They now have unlimited mom-ing resources from around the world at their fingertips, digital nannies, Google for late night parenting queries, "mommy-boards" and "meetup groups" to compare, and arrange, experiences. Oh, and there's Pinterest. We can't forget Pinterest. Moms love that, you know!

Things have definitely changed, and things are done different now. Work, social life, family life, social-media life...these are more than just moms! They're Wondermommies, as Roselyn would say!

For Ros, a quintessential millennial mom - for sure; starting Petite Plus One came as a way to capture her experience with Motherhood, all in one sitting. What began as socially sharing tips, gripes, and candid images of her son via Instragram; turned into the full-fledged Millenial Parent project that you see here!

To those who can testify, they will agree to say that Roselyn has always been the person who is pre-planned, extra organized and packed with preparedness for contingency in every way possible. It wasn't until she turned 30 however, that life began taking it's own turns outside of any blueprint she had ever imagined; and it was all types of good! The first thing Roselyn discovered the minute she became a mom? That despite being given a world of advice from experienced mothers around her - including her own, there was still so much that she actually didn't know and needed to know. Thus, on here is where you'll see the real experiences captured into honest, witty summaries for your entertainment, due-diligence, product research and sometimes even emotional connection.

Her son, Grayson (or Gray for short); arrived on Roselyn's actual estimated due date of Halloween of 2016. With only three pushes and 12-minutes on the clock; this beautiful baby boy changed her life forever and already arrived with so much to teach her about her new self. Kudos to Gray for already understanding his mom's control-freak issues, knowing to stick to the planned schedule, and for being part of the exclusive and obedient 5%!

DEFINITELY her child, in every sense of the word!

At home with Gray. (4-months old)

At home with Gray. (4-months old)

Petite Plus One has been written with love by Roselyn as she goes through her every-day experiences while juggling all aspects of life and raising what she hopes will be the next future President!

Not only a mom, but a mom who still has to maintain a busy career, keep up a social life, follow the latest fashion,  cater to the love of her life, keep her home looking catalogue-ish, still make time to play fetch with her dogs, continue to be a rockstar aunt to her niece, bond with her own mom and sister; and everything else in between!

No one said it would be easy, but we all know how worth it, it all truly is!

Roselyn, a New York City native remains a Big Apple resident. There she has a career in the legal field at one of the top global corporate law firms in the world, an lives at home with the love of her life Alex, and their two lively pooches: a Shiba-Inu named Foxy, and a Pug named Pugzley (so much for creative names there!). When she's not working and running the streets of The Big Apple or a local playground, she is often traveling the world with her friends and family.